How To Know What Jiu Jitsu Technique Is For You

John about page

Professor John R Jordan JR is ranked by the IBJJF, as the top Adult Male BJJ Blackbelt in the world, out of 857 Blackbelts.

Professor Jordan is a “BJJ Purist” who believes training in the Gi (Kimono) is the best way to fine tune  your technique.

“I believe that training in the Gi is the best test of your Jiu Jitsu. The refining of your technique is so important, a lot of us don’t realize this until 2 years into our training.” John R Jordan JR.

Professor Jordan started his grappling career as a wrestler in Lafayette, La.  He loved wrestling so much that he sought out BJJ not long after His High School wresting days. In his late teenage years he hooked up with Tim Credeur, UFC Veteran, and never looked back. He started competing as a white belt and even had the chance to compete against BJJ giants like Andre Galvao as a Brown belt. Professor Jordan earned his BJJ Black belt within 6 years of daily training under Professor Tim Credeur(3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt).

Professor Jordan has traveled the world training and competing with BJJ Legends over the last 10 years. He is still competing to this day and is ranked 149 with IBJJF. Professor Jordan owns Fight Sports Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School in Broussard Louisiana, where he personally teaches every class.

You will not be disappointed with Professor Jordan’s techniques that he has learned all over the world from Brazil to Japan.

 We know that there is a lot of BJJ videos out there. But how do you know which BJJ technique will fit into your game.

That is why at BJJ Shark Professor John Jordan JR has broken down different situations, as well as techniques to perform before you get put into a bad position. Over the past 10 years of competing, Professor Jordan has come up with basic to advanced techniques to use to be on the offensive, all the time. His motto is, “the best defense is a great offense. Always play on the offensive side of the game. Don’t be lazy and let your opponent put you on your back. Position before submission, then Attack, Attack, and Attack. If you keep your opponent on the defense all the time, they will not have time to attack and you can play your game and not theirs.”

As you will see in the Digital Download section, Professor Jordan has created a DVD that explains the most common BJJ Mistakes that teaches BJJ practitioners what they are doing wrong and how to fix these mistakes. It is an amazing DVD and we have gotten so many BJJ athletes thank us for helping them advance their game, because they were stuck and couldn’t figure it out.

The awesome thing about this website is that you will be able to get free videos to help you advance your game as well as low priced videos on how to advance the areas/positions that you get stuck in.

We will be releasing Common BJJ mistakes soon. Stay connected to be first on the list.